Well-being and inner harmony are part of our requirements for an all-round successful holiday. Our qualified masseuse Manuela awaits you with heartfelt empathy and competence for your individual wellness experiences. Take off your daily routine, take your well-deserved break and follow your inner needs.

Natural cosmetics Green Life
Green Life is a high quality and dermatologically tested natural cosmetics that is free of preservatives and dyes to maintain the health of the skin. True natural ingredients in synergy with effective treatments make our exquisite facials. The skin is revitalized and invigorated, energy channels stimulated and thus brings the skin into balance.
Small facial treatment
Cleansing, peeling, facial massage, eyebrow regulation, pack, day care
50 minutes - 69,00 €

Facial treatment Deluxe
Cleansing, peeling, rock crystal massage, face and head massage, eyebrow regulation, pack, day care
> Intensive care with Tensoactiv Fiale: Providing the skin with high-quality soy protein, nutrients and hyaluronic acid
80 minutes - 99,00 €

Classic massage with aroma essences
A massage with high-quality aromatic essences for relaxation, vitalization for body, mind and soul. Choose from various essences your personal fragrance to increase your well-being
Lavender: soothing, balancing, mood-enhancing;
Orange: invigorating, harmonizing, tonifying;
Mountain pine: promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscles;
Rosemary: stimulating, invigorating, invigorating;
Full body massage: 50 minutes - 62,00 €
Partial massage: 25 minutes - 37,00€

Back, neck, head massage
A gentle massage with a deep effect. This massage relieves tension in the back and neck and brings body and mind back into harmony.
50 minutes - 63,00 €

Intensive back treatment
An intensive treatment for the stressed back. The hot role prepares the back optimally for the massage. The combination of a cupping glass massage with a deeply relaxing massage releases blockages and supports the regeneration of the back muscles.
50 minutes - 66,00 €

Sports massage
Through the use of massage, stretching and cupping techniques, the muscles are loosened and tension released. The massage is recommended after a hike in the mountains or after all sports activities.
50 minutes - 65,00 €

Anti Stress Massage
A relaxing massage that brings a deep relaxation with slow, gentle strokes and a combination of aroma essences. Pamper your body and enjoy the wonderful feeling of inner well-being.
50 minutes - 62,00 €

Waldhof's relax massage with South Tyrolean blackberry
This unique relaxation massage from head to toe takes you into the world of the senses. The blackberry in synergy with high-quality, natural oils nourishes and nourishes the skin.
80 minutes - 92,00 €

Lymph stimulating massage
Gentle pumping movements along the lymph channels ensure that accumulated tissue fluids flow off faster. As a result, the tissue is detoxified, heavy legs become lighter and the immune system is strengthened.
50 minutes - 62,00 €

Foot zone massage
This targeted massage of the reflex zones on the sole solves blockages and increases the energy flow in the whole organism.
50 minutes - 62,00 €

Alpine wooden - stick massage
Feel the nature directly on the body. With special rods made of South Tyrolean pine wood, this massage becomes a unique experience. The muscles are relaxed and relaxed with this technique. A walk through South Tyrol's forests.
50 minutes - 64,00 €

Honey massage
Adhesions of tissue are common causes of back problems. Thanks to the special massage technique, the honey is incorporated into the tissue and the slag stored in the connective tissue is released.
50 Minuten - 64,00 €

Hot Stone Massage
This special ritual with volcanic rock reconciles body, mind and soul. The contact with volcanic rock brings a deep heat into the body and melts tensions.
50 minutes - 68,00 €

Energetic pressure point massage
This pressure point massage along energy channels, combined with passive stretching exercises, brings your energy back into the flow. Blockages are released and the body is supplied with new life energy.
50 minutes - 62,00 €